Sparkle Car Wash - Credit Card Information

Sparkle Car Wash is an affordable washing option and payment is flexible depending on your washing needs. We offer a convenient credit/debt payment option. In order to make your washing experience positive both during and after you leave the location please be sure to keep the following instructions in mind:

A $2 hold is placed on your card as soon as it it is swiped, regardless of the time spent using the equipment. If your time duration is less than a $2 charge any remaining balance will be credited back to your card within 24-48 hours.

After your card has been charged $15 the equipment will stop operating and require an additional credit card swipe to be made to continue using the equipment.

If you do not press the "Stop" button at the payment kiosk the charges will continue until it reaches $15. If you do not press "Stop" you will be charged the maximum payment of $15 for a single transaction. It is important to press "Stop" if your wash duration is less than the allotted time.

If you still believe you were wrongly charged for your time spent at Sparkle Car Wash please call (763) 746-6687
credit card sign instructions