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About Sparkle Car Wash

We use the highest quality professional car wash chemicals for all wash cycles and make sure to provide lots of product with each wash cycle. We are hands on owners and attend to each car wash site daily. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality wash at a competitive self serve wash price.

Mike, Lakeville, MN

I've been looking for a solid self-service car wash and finally found it. HOT water, great soap and wax, credit card readers, and a spot-free rinse. All I need!

Chris, Lakeville, MN

I live 35min away and this is where I drive all the way to Lakeville just to wash my car here 2 times a week. I have never had a bad experience. Stalls are always clean and with the 2 wash bays in every stall I always find a spot right away. And thanks for the air freshener today!!

Keith, Circle Pines, MN

The soap came out of the brush fluidly and consistently with lots of suds and normally with most car washes this is untrue.That's why I am giving them five stars

Payment Methods

We accept quarters, dollar coins, car wash tokens and credit/debit cards. A $2 hold is placed on all debit/credit payments.

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Step One:
Tire/Motor (Low Pressure)
Step Two:
Step Three:
High Pressure Soap
Step Four:
Foam Brush
Step Five:
Step Six:
Wax Free Rinse
Step Seven:
Spot Free Rinse

Vending & Vacuums

vending machine featuring car care products
Vending Machines
Our vending machines feature car care products to bring your vehicle's cleanliness to the next level. Products include air fresheners, glass wipes, wheel cleaners, tire shine and more.
self serve vacuums
Outside Self Service Vacuums
Our high powered vacuums lift dirt and debris from your vehicle's carpet and upholstery. Vacuums are token operated (does not accept quarters) and mounted on the car wash exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicles and trailers under 9’6” tall will fit in our lower wash bays. Trucks and RVs under 11’6” tall will fit in our taller wash bays. Always verify your vehicle and equipment will fit before driving into the bay. Don’t forget to include ladder racks, A/C units and any other items when measuring your vehicle.
We dispense car wash tokens for security reasons and because U.S. quarters can be hard to locate and hard to keep in the change machine. Tokens eliminate these issues for our customers.
When you swipe your card a $2.00 hold is placed on your credit card to verify the card has funds available. After the wash cycle is complete and the stop button on the credit card reader is pushed. The actual amount that will be charged to your card is displayed. The amount displayed should match the final amount that shows up on your account usually within 24 hours. If this is not acceptable, please use another form of payment.
Prices are different depending on location. Generally you get anywhere from 1 minute 30 seconds - 2 minutes per $1.00 deposited. The price per dollar is the same no matter what form of payment you choose. The minimum wash charge is always $1.00.
Most wash functions are high pressure. Spot free rinse, Tire/motor cleaner and pre-soak are low pressure functions. Always squeeze the trigger fully when using the wand.
We do our best to make sure the wash equipment is always working and functioning as designed, but as with any type of equipment occasionally things breakdown. For refund requests or questions, please send us a note using the Contact Us page. Be sure to include a description of the problem, the location you were at, your full name, complete address including city, state and zip code along with the refund amount you are requesting. You can also call or text 763-746-6687 to leave this information. We check messages daily and will respond as quickly as possible.

Contact Us & Refund Requests

Sparkle Car Wash is committed to an economical, and superior car wash experience. Please contact us with questions, comments or refund requests.